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A slew of information and action happening this week and last, the boys give a good run-down of the action in there Commentaries.

  • Don’t Be fooled by the Commodity Rally….. Watch the price action to confirm a breakout. Is it possible to see the dollar and ‘Stuff’ go up long term?
  • Uptick in Jobles Claims – what is up with that bro?
  • ISM is better than expected but still below 50 – which is bearish
  • Commdity Bull very, very Short term – cautious because $CRX.X, no GLD or SLV or KIWI buyers stepping in because of non-farms
  • Equities Trader are no dummies – Buying commodity stocks as a hedg for tomorrow
  • Timing of trades today seems curious
  • The TAX payer is going to be left holding the bag through inflation – Jimmie what did Countrywide tell you
  • Sara – Get back to SnR – is what you are doing repeatable, maybe it is analysis of entry setup, reuce the pip count and keep practicing, focus on few pairs.
  • George – We didn’t know – near term downtrend, RBA looking to lower rates and commodities cooling off

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shaysworthy3.jpg Today on InvestoolsFX Audio:

Today in the audiofx, more follow-up with the GBP weakness and follow-up on trends, credit flu and who is catching it. The Taj Mahal doesn’t want your USD anymore, so what do search terms have to do with that? Find out on today’s daily audiofx commentary…

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shaysworthy3.jpg Today on the Dailyfx audio commentary:

    More yen shortfall and the making of a good trade. Review of the bearish yen setups and execution. Pat steps in to dish out more strategies to help you better manage the psychology of trading. Happy Thanksgiving.

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