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Once again: this week David Settle – a friend and fellow analyst on our site – will be hosting a guided tour on Thursday of the Investools FX site during a 90 minute Open House session. This is a Webex session, so you have the luxury of seeing, hearing and interacting (in the last half hour, David opens it up to questions) with David in real time as he highlights the benefits of the currency market. As David will be using the tools at the FX website he will also be doing some analysis along the way which is sure to help even some of you seasoned vets. Here’s what’s covered:


  • Proprietary fundamental tools that’ll give you a quick and simple way to determine a currency’s strength or weakness versus others.
  • Our Powerful charting package including 100+ technical indicators on more than 60 currency pairs at your disposal streaming 24/7.
  • Daily and weekly commentary written by experienced Forex traders.
  • Our interactive educational environment that allows you to learn at your own pace on your own schedule.
  • Other features designed to help you on your path to forex success.

David is very intelligent and has great insight both economically and technically. He’ s a great trader, does some of our trading rooms, and I’ve coached both forex as well as stocks and options with him for years. To register for the event simply go here, and then show up at the right time.


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